Van Noble Farm’s primary work is farrowing and finishing pigs in a pasture-based system using non-GMO grains. We encourage our customers to do more than simply learn about the source of their meat, but to get involved in the process.  Order a custom roaster for your event, ask us some questions, or give us a call to set up a time to visit the Farm.  The current operation is located on 39 acres of older, grassy pastures and hayland in Enfield, New York.  For 3 years, we have been rotationally grazing our animals on approximately 15 – 20 of those acres in quick rotations (3 – 7 days), often referred to as “mob-grazing”.  This technique has allowed the hogs to slowly clean up our pastures and has improved healthy grass establishment over time, all without allowing the hogs to badly damage the top soil composition.  We are proud of our commitment to supporting both the health of animals, as well as the health of the land that we are blessed to work with.  In order to optimize the positive impacts of the livestock in pasture-based systems, we recognize the need for diversification and are working hard to build crop rotations, livestock rotations, tillage, and rest periods into an overall land management strategy that will provide for longer-term health of the animals, the vegetation, and the soil.

In 2012, Van Noble Farm started with 13 breeding sows and a black Mule-Foot boar, Nutter.  Over the years we have used these heritage genetics to make a high-quality, pasture-based pork.